Device Selection Procedures and Collection for N-Power Batch A/B Beneficiaries

N-Power device selection 2019

Batch B and Remaining Batch A N-Power Beneficiaries Device selection: We have been disturbed about the ongoing false news about device selection and collection for N-Power beneficiaries. This post will discuss this and other vital latest updates concerning the scheme as we present them in this channel below.


Please STOP believing FAKE NEWS. We have mentioned to you over and over again that news that don’t originate from our verified channels and blog like this one should NOT be believed.

Also, stop inputting your details on everything you see on the internet. It is dangerous.

We advised Nigerians, particularly beneficiaries of the N-Power Programme, to discountenance the ongoing fake social media messages about the scheme.

Mr Justice Bibiye, the Communications Officer, NSIO, in a statement to NAN on Thursday in Abuja, urged the beneficiaries to be circumspect

According to him, those fraudulent messages were put out to deceive unsuspecting individuals into applying for a fresh batch of N-Power volunteers or N-Power devices via fabricated links on social media.

The statement added that “Such messages are the handiwork of fraudsters who would stop at nothing in trying to rip innocent people of their hard-earned resources.

“We wish to state categorically that the Federal Government has yet to commence the distribution of devices to Batch B, N-Power beneficiaries.

According to him, “Indeed, the process has commenced and all beneficiaries would be duly informed via the N-Power website or other verified social media contacts of the NSIO like and

when the devices are available.

N-Power Tech Software:

N-Power Tech Software is set to commence but first, we spent all of last week, training the trainers. N-Power Tech Software will train 4000 Nigerians in Software Programming and Digital Marketing.

About N-Power Jumpstart Competition:

IBM N-Power Jumpstart is a competition which aims to create a sustainable positive future for N-power volunteers after their mandatory youth service.

The competition provides the volunteers with the opportunity to learn and acquire new world class IT skills, get inspired, innovate revolutionary technological solutions enabling them to move on to new jobs or become entrepreneurs.

Remember this IBM Jumpstart Competition for N-Power, we are at the design thinking phase.we are now in the competitive state so get ready to hear from the N-Power team. Many of you who participated have been contacted, so please learn how to pair with other participants and get ready for the Competitive Pitching stage

Login to your portal as Volunteer to get started



N-Power News for Lagos State Volunteers

Lagos beneficiaries of the Federal Government’s N-Power scheme have been told to come for their vest.

A message disseminated by Abanikanda Isma’eel, the representative for N-Power in Alimosho Local Government Area of the State of Excellence indicates that distribution of the vests is scheduled for Thursday 19th of September, 2019 at Agege.

N-Power News for Oyo State Volunteers

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has said he is taking stock of N-Power teachers and the subjects they teach in schools, Concise News reports.

Makinde said this recently following the Executive Council meeting in Oyo State where he noted that the move was to know where the government will intervene in the distribution of free exercise books.

According to him, the cost of running schools in the state is also being addressed by his government.

In a tweet, he said, “We are also taking stock of our teachers (Mainstream, NYSC, N-Power and PTA) and the subjects they teach to note the distribution so our intervention will be adequately targeted. The issue of running costs of schools is being addressed.”

Osinbajo Pays Visit To ‘Outstanding’ Beneficiary, Makes Feelings Known

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday visited a beneficiary of the N-Power Programme at the Bayankara Area of Birnin Kebbi, the capital of Kebbi State.

Prof. Osinbajo’s visit to Abubakar Umar Manza was a great encouragement to the young man who has developed a system of solar irrigation to help farmers in the state.

The vice president said during the visit to Manza that his “report is a very, very good one” with his assistance to farmers.

“We are all very proud of what you are doing here,” Prof. Osinbajo stated, commending Manza for what he has done to help the growth of small farmers in the area through his irrigation system.

The vice president informed Manza that he was in Kebbi State for the National Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, noting that the government of the state has done a lot to help farmers.

What is Npower Device?

The Npower device is an operational mobile working tool designed by N-Power team for all beneficiaries. It is given to all beneficiaries of the Npower Scheme to aid their learning and sharpen their IT skills. It is for all those in Npower categories like Npower Teach (N-Teach), Npower Agro (N-Agro), and Npower Health (N-Health) among others.

What are the Npower devices you can select from?

There are variety of mobile devices you can select or you have already selected. Please note that you can only select one device, so think carefully before you make your choice from the list below;

  • Afrione 2in1 tab
  • Zinox Zpad tablet
  • Tecno pad
  • Samsung Tab E
  • RLG Tablet
  • Floss Signatures tablets
  • Speedstar Windows Tablet
  • Brain Npower IPad 1

How to select your Npower Mobile Device for Beneficiaries

Usually the Npower device is selected during the process of writing the Npower assessment test. Do not panic if you didn’t select any device. If you are successfully shortlisted you are eligible to a device. The option to select a device of your choice will be available soon.

You will have to login to your Npower portal and select your device when the selection process starts.

How to collect your Npower Device for Npower Beneficiaries

Before you collect your Npower device you must have received a message from Npower support team. The message will contain the time and venue to pick your device. Ensure you are at the venue at the stipulated time to collect your device

Documents you need to collect your N-Power Device

  • You need your BVN slip (this can be collected from any of your Bank Branch) to collect your Npower Device at the collection centre.
  • You would also need to go to the collection centre with a valid ID card (drivers license, voters card, international passport, National Identity card etc)
  • Ensure you don’t delete the text message that was sent to you by Npower support team.
  • Go to the collection centre and claim your device

Please Note- If you have not received any text message for your Npower device don’t be afraid, it simply means that your device is not yet ready for collection. The option to select a device of your choice will be available soon.

How to get 2019 Npower Device for 2017 N-Teach, N -Tax, N-Health, N –Tech and N – Agro Beneficiaries

  • First you must receive a message from Npower support team which will indicate venue to pick your device and time, rush to the exact location sent to you for pick up.

Note that when you have not received any text message for your device that means it is not yet ready to be picked. Be calm it will get to your turn.

  • Go to your designated bank for BVN slip, it is required for all Npower Beneficiaries to come with their BVN slip to the collection centre with also, a valid ID and text message received from Npower, then keen in to instruction by the Npower support team at the pickup venue.
  • Next visit the 2019 August Npower Tab Device Collection centre and present all the necessary documents required.

Beneficiaries in Batch A who are yet to receive their device will also be accomodate and will be given theirs too


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