How Important is Maintaining a Good Level of Testosterone?

How Important is Maintaining a Good Level of Testosterone? Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced by the testes in men and by the ovaries in women. It is the main sexual hormone of man and is basic to ensure good health in men. See more about the subject matter below.How does testosterone work?

Testosterone acts at different levels in the body of man. Fundamentally, it helps maintain muscle mass and strength, prevents the appearance of osteoporosis, is responsible for distributing fat in the body and stimulating the production of sperm, red blood cells, sperm and increase sexual desire. If you want to know more about testosterone, then visit <a href=””></a>

What can cause a decrease in the level of testosterone?

The age is one of the factors that affect the level of testosterone. Low levels of this hormone affect 10% of men over 50 and over 30% of men over 80 years.

The lifestyle can also affect the optimal maintenance of testosterone levels. Stress, lack of rest and sleep, inadequate diet, overweight, alterations in blood sugar levels, and excess exercise can be responsible for a drop in testosterone.

There are also some medications that can affect the level of testosterone such as: antidepressants, drugs for baldness, anxiety and insomnia or antihistamines.

What are the symptoms of a low testosterone level?

Good level of Testosterone

The main symptoms of a low testosterone level are:

Fatigue, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, reduction of sexual desire, infertility, decrease in the size of the testicles, reduction of muscle mass, difficulty in concentration, erectile dysfunction and infertility and excessive sweating.

How can I know if my testosterone level is correct?

Knowing the level of testosterone is very simple. With blood tests you can evaluate the levels and determine if they are within normal parameters

How is the treatment?

Depending on each patient the specialist doctor will prescribe the hormone supplementation through different routes: injections, gels, patches or oral tablets.

How can I maintain good testosterone levels?

A healthy lifestyle will favor the maintenance of a good level of testosterone. Start by resting well, take a balanced diet that includes: fruits, vegetables, nuts, foods rich in zinc and protein, reduces the intake of alcohol and caffeine, performs regularly and seeks to control stress.


We can include within this section the supplementation with sports nutrition products aimed at improving and optimizing hormone levels and even raise them naturally, known as Natural Pro-Testosterone Anabolics . These supplements help to solve any <a href=””>nutritional deficiency</a> and stimulate natural production. In this way we can find supplements such as Zinc , Magnesium , Aspartic Acid , Testofen ,  Ginger , Tongkat Ali , or the Ashwagandha .


The rhythm of training together with the work causes that we do not rest enough, and this contributes not to be precisely the best scenario of improvement of hormonal production. Daily stress generates higher cortisol peaks , decreasing testosterone. Likewise, lack of sleep is critical, since it is during this phase (REM) of rest and relaxation when testosterone peaks are reached.

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