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Npower Integrated Platform 2019/2020 -How to use the Npower Tech virtual learning and Mentorships by Specialty

Npower Integrated Platform 2019/2020 -How to use the Npower Tech virtual learning and Mentorships by Specialty: Do you know N-Power has released some interesting updates for Tech Hardware Beneficiaries who have completed their training.This is a whole new innovation aimed at improving the skills of the tech hardware beneficiary. Find out below how to join the platform.According to Npower, If you have completed your training, you can continue virtual learning and mentorship, obtain industry certification and continuous professional learning at www.learnmore.gov.ng
N-Power is an initiative of the National Social Investment Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria, with a focus to provide young graduates and non-graduates with the skills, tools and livelihood that will help them advance from unemployment to employment, entrepreneurship and innovation.
The new integrated Platform website launched by Npower will enable Npower Tech Hardware beneficiaries Learn from specialty prepared short courses designed to help you progress in your chosen career and earn industry recognized credential.

It is now very important for Npower Tech Beneficiaries to undergone the Npower tech training online or learning to enable them obtain your Npower Tech Virtual Learning Industry Certification.
Achieve your goals faster by following your pre-seIected learning path on the platform
Software Engineering
Hardware Engineering
Creative Design

Npower Tech virtual learning and Mentorships platform

Npower Integrated platform helps beneficiaries to learn from specially prepare short courses designed to help them progress in their chosen career earn industry recognized credentials/certificate.
The online platform is a continuation of the ones you have been taught before during the training. The only difference is that there is an added advantage on this new platform whereby Beneficiary who will partake in the online virtual learning and mentorship will be given industry certification and have room for continuous professional learning.

Who can apply/register for Npower Tech virtual learning and Mentorships platform 2019/2020

1. Applicants must be a beneficiary of the Npower Tech Hardware program
2. Applicants must have completed your Npower Tech Hardware Training
3. Applicant must have your login details to your Npower Tech Hardware Platform
How to login and register for 2019/2020 Npower Tech virtual learning and Mentorships platform
To learn more about Npower Tech Hardware Online Click
Click on Start Learning
Type in your Email address and password in the space or column provided (the email and password you’ve been using for the portal before)
Click on Sign in to login in
Then Click on Learn Here
After successful login, choose your category e.g Hardware, software, creative
Note that after completing the assessment, you will be asked to visit your profile to view and download your CERFITICATE

How to access the new integrated learning platform for Npower Tech Hardware beneficiaries:
Click here to start learning



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