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Galactic Federation – aliens are real and secretly in contact with America and Israel

Do you know a milky way where aliens existed and kept secret have been revealed as Galactic Federation?we have a comprehensive report here and further more an Israeli space official has claimed that aliens are real and secretly in contact with America and Israel – but are keeping their existence quiet because humanity ‘isn’t ready’. See more details below.

Haim Eshed – who was head of Israel’s space security programme for nearly 30 years – described a so-called ‘Galactic Federation’ which supposedly runs an underground Mars base in a secret pact with Washington.

Speaking in an interview to Yediot Aharonot, Eshed – who is a three-time recipient of the Israel Security Award – explained that Israel and the US have both been dealing with aliens for years.

And this by no means refers to immigrants, with Eshed clarifying the existence of a “Galactic Federation.”

The 87-year-old former space security chief gave further descriptions about exactly what sort of agreements have been made between the aliens and the US, which ostensibly have been made because they wish to research and understand “the fabric of the universe.” This cooperation includes a secret underground base on Mars, where there are American and alien representatives.

If true, this would coincide with US President Donald Trump’s creation of the Space Force as the fifth branch of the US armed forces, though it is unclear how long this sort of relationship, if any, has been going on between the US and its reported extraterrestrial allies.

But Eshed insists that Trump is aware of them, and that he was “on the verge” of disclosing their existence. However, the Galactic Federation reportedly stopped him from doing so, saying they wished to prevent mass hysteria since they felt humanity needed to “evolve and reach a stage where we will… understand what space and spaceships are,” Yediot Aharonot reported.

As for why he’s chosen to reveal this information now, Eshed explained that the timing was simply due to how much the academic landscape has changed, and how respected he is in academia.

“If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized,” he explained to Yediot.

He added that “today, they’re already talking differently. I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards; I am respected in universities abroad, where the trend is also changing.”

Eshed provided more information in his newest book, The Universe Beyond the Horizon – conversations with Professor Haim Eshed, along with other details such as how aliens have prevented nuclear apocalypses and “when we can jump in and visit the Men in Black.” The book is available now for NIS 98.

As head of the Israeli defence ministry’s space directorate, Eshed helped launch spy satellites which he said would help provide high-quality surveillance of Iran.

When he retired in 2011, he was even described in Israeli media as ‘the father of Israel’s satellite programme’.

But after leaving his role at the defence ministry, he is said to have ‘turned to what really interested him – aliens’.

In the new book he discusses UFOs and ‘various theories about their nature, purpose and origin, which in his opinion is probably not from Earth,’ according to a blurb.

Eshed is described a researcher who ‘believes that the human race is not alone in the universe, and that it must fit into the harmony of the great plan’.

Israel’s space agency hinted at a future moon mission on Monday by publishing a short clip entitled ‘Back to the Moon’ with the caption ‘Ready to get excited again?’.

The country’s first attempt at a lunar landing ended in failure when a privately-funded robotic craft crashed on its final descent last April.

Only the US, China and the former Soviet Union have succeeded in carrying out a controlled landing on the moon.

NASA has an official target of returning humans to the moon by 2024, but the development of a next-generation rocket has been held up by the pandemic.

The US and China also have Mars in their sights, but the dream of landing humans on the red planet is still some way off – despite Eshed’s claims of an underground base.

Beijing’s unmanned Tianwen-1 rover is due to arrive in the red planet’s orbit in February 2021 after taking off in July.

NASA has its own Mars rover on the way, Perseverance, and is working on systems that could support human life on the 34million-mile trip to Mars.

Trump, whether secretly in league with aliens or not, unveiled America’s new Space Force last year, the first new military service in the US for more than 70 years.

The Pentagon said in August this year that it was setting up a new task force under the US Navy to investigate UFO sightings.

In April, US defence chiefs released three videos taken by Navy pilots showing mid-air encounters with unexplained objects.

The grainy black and white footage had previously been leaked and the Navy had acknowledged they were genuine videos.

One of the videos was shot in November 2004 and the other two in January 2015.

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