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Npower EXIT Portal 2020/2021 Registration Form & How to Register Online Via

Npower EXIT Portal 2020/2021 Registration is now currently ongoing. Here is detailed guide on how to register for Npower Nexit 2020 registration online. As NEXIT portal is about to start thousands of npower volunteers are doubting if this will be an empowerment, a loan or a grand to ease the vulnerability of their life after disengagement. Npower Exit Portal 2020 is now Open and all exited npower beneficiaries are to Login/Register on the N-Exit website now.

CONGRATULATION TO ALL NPOWER Batch A & B VOLUNTEERS, Based on the information we found, NEXIT program will gladden the mind of exited npower volunteers as it has many opportunities which will enable exited npower volunteers to Stand on their own.

Exited npower volunteers seeking capital to fund a business idea or for money to expand an existing business now can have a golden opportunity in the Agric Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme, AGSMEIS, established by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, as an empowerment programme which also benefits exited npower volunteers willing to get into agriculture and other business opportunities.

In this scheme, exited npower volunteers can access a soft loan facility to the tune of N10 million without collateral depending on your business requirements. The loan covers all categories of small and medium enterprises, yet the most interesting part is that the recipient has seven years to pay back the loan and at only five per cent (5%) interest rate per annul.

While the recipient does not need a godfather or know anybody in CBN to access this loan, all that is required is for interested persons to attend a online training programme organized by CBN-approved Enterprise Development Institutions (EDIs).

Below are Opportunities to Be Available For NPOWER Batch A & B VOLUNTEERS:

1. AGSMEIS Loan For SME’S And Agricultural Businesses Without Collateral

2. Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) Intervention For Agriculture

3. Accelerated Agricultural Development Scheme (AADS Loan)

4. MSMEDF Loan – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund

5. Creative Industry Financing Initiative (CIFI Loan)

6. CBN Healthcare Research And Development Grants


1. You must be exited npower volunteers and must be a Nigerian and between the age of 18.

2. BVN Number

3. Business plan

4. CAC if available

NOTED THAT: There are variety of opportunities available now on Npower EXIT Portal 2020/2021 for applicants and thus thing can change. The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development hereby invites you to register into the NEXIT portal, your gateway to new opportunities.

How to Fill Npower EXIT 2020/2021 Registration Application Form Online

There are one methods of which you can apply for Npower NEXIT Online.

Please note you must be a Batch A or a Batch B N-Power beneficiary to be registered in the Npower NEXIT Portal.

Registration Instructions:

2. To make a new registration please go to Sign Up Here.

3. Please enter the email address used in your journey as an N-Power Beneficiary.

4. Please create and enter a new password for your registration access to the portal.

5. Repeat the same password to confirm it (please keep your passwords confidential).

6. Please enter your first name as registered in your N-Power profile.

7. Please enter your surname as registered in your N-Power profile.

8. Please enter your BVN.

9. Please agree to the terms and policy.

10. Submit your registration information with the submit button.

11. You will be redirected to an email activation page. Please re-enter your email address and click on the Resend Activation Mail button.

12. Go to your email address and click on the link sent to your mail to activate your account (if needed please check your email spam box).

13. Please re-login into the NEXIT portal with your credentials with the Sign in button.

14. Please complete the questionnaire by answering all questions and make your submission.

How to Recover Nexit Portal Login?

The login steps are so easy, all you have to do is to visit the portal. Then navigate to the login section, enter the right details according to some npower beneficiaries.

Please kindly ensure you check the information you fill during registration before entering your login details.

For further inquiries or issues in regard to the registration, please contact the NSIP team:

The data collated on the NEXIT portal is to determine the suitability of the exiting N-Power beneficiaries for the CBN affiliated programs and is dependent on meeting the criteria and conditions set by the CBN for the said programs.

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