Important information for registration on Npower Nexit portal for Batch A and B

Important information for registration on Npower Nexit portal for Batch A and B – If You Have Registered on Npower Exit Website with Your BVN, Kindly Read This. The Batch A and Batch B Npower beneficiaries have started Registration on a popular Website which is circulating on social media with the website address:

This post will give detail clarity on what to expect in the coming weeks on the portal.

Its been long i posted any new information about the npower programme as we have been working hard to get the batch C set up as well as resolve many issues with the past Batch A and B. Nevertheless, we have launch the NEXIT  portal for batch A and B and they can get all the information on the portal handle. This information below is for information guide only.

Check out the registration form in the photo below:

In the registration form, you will be asked to input your Npower registered email, Password, First name, Last name, and Bank Verification Number (BVN). The aspect of BVN has created a lot of rumors that the website is from Scammer since the internet is full of Scam Website. Nigerians don’t play with their BVN number since it’s one of the secret numbers that fraudsters are looking for to withdraw money from our bank account.

If you are one of the Batch A and Batch B NPower Beneficiaries who have Registered on this website with your BVN, don’t panic as we have many Npower beneficiaries who have completed their registration and have not been scammed.

Some of the discovery on the  website are:

1. It doesn’t accept another email address apart from the one used on your Npower Registration

2. The website is from the Nigeria Government because it ends with

Check out the step of the registration after you have received the confirmation code on your email.

If you have registered on this website with your BVN, There is nothing to worry about as you can confirm this website is from the Federal Ministry of humanitarian affair, disaster Management and Social Development. Just make sure you register on the correct website:

Another website that is different from the one above is from Scammers.

as for the email verification issues, the technical team is aware and this will be resolve in the coming week for all beneficiaries to verify the link sent to there email so as to complete there registration on the portal handle and login successfully.

Kindly share the post on all social media for batch A and Batch B Npower beneficiaries to see.

If you have registered and yet to receive a confirmation code, Kindly comment in the comments section below.

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