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Down Under as it is famously coined, Australia is a beautiful country with contrasting worlds as it possesses both exceptional coastal cities and desert land. Surrounded by three seas, namely the Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Australia is home to epic landscapes with attractions including the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach and the unforgettably amazing nightlife. For visa application guide for other countries see here  below.Whether you’re jet-setting to the vast beauty of Australia for business or pleasure you’ll require an Australian visa. Follow this simplified guide on how to obtain your Australian visa and the documents required for a visitor visa, business visa, and student visa.This article focuses on the Australian visitor visa. Nigerian passport holders can apply online for an Australian visa or at a TLScontact Visa Application Centre located in Lagos and Abuja. All Australian visa applicants should lodge their visa application well in advance (at least 4 weeks) of their date of departure.

Please note this process is applicable to Nigerian passport holders.

Types of Visas

  • Visitor visa (valid for up to three, six or 12 months)
  • Student visa (allows for stays up to five years)
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (valid for four years and three months)

Visa Processing Time

  • Visitor visa – up to 33 days
  • Student visa – Depends on sector of studies. Find more information here.
  • Business visa – up to 20 days

Visa Costs

The payment for your Australian visa application is to be made at a TLScontact Visa Application Centre if you’re applying offline. There are two costs incurred namely, the visa application charges (collected on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs) and the application service fee (services rendered by TLScontact).

Visa applicants lodging online applications through ImmiAccount can make an online payment. There are various payment online methods to follow: how to pay

Please note that Naira values are subject to the Australian Dollar to Naira exchange rate.

TLScontact Service Fee

The service fees are in addition to the Australian visa application charges.

Visitor Visa
Base Application Fee₦40,855
TLScontact Service Fee
Primary Service FeesBiometric and application lodgement – primary applicantBiometrics only – applicants with a letter of referral from embassy₦7,430
Secondary Service FeesBiometric and application lodgement – additional applicant on the same form as the primary applicantAdditional documents drop₦5,970

australian visa

Australian Visa Requirement

Business Visa Checklist

Student Visa Checklist

The following documents are required for an Australian Visitor Visa application:

  • A completed and signed Form 1419 – application for visitor visa.
  • A certified copy of your passport – showing the photo and personal details, and other pages which prove travel to any other countries
  • 1 x passport photograph (45mm x 35 mm) – not older than six months.
  • The Visa Application Fee (cash or proof of payment for online application)
  • A completed Form 1257 – Undertaking declaration for applicants under the legal age of 18.
  • A completed Form 1229 – Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under 18 years of age, travelling alone or without one or both parents or legal guardian (if applicable).
  • If you wish for another person to receive all written communications about your Australian visitor visa application with the Department:
    • Completed Part K – Options for receiving written communications
    • Form 956: Advice by a migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance
    • Form 956A: Appointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient
  • Proof of access to sufficient funds to support your stay (payslips, recent bank statements, credit card limit or taxation records)
  • Evidence of your medical or travel insurance (if requested)
  • A letter confirming your leave – from your employer.
  • Proof of enrolment at school or university
  • A letter of invitation to visit – if you’re visiting a family member in Australia
  • Proof of incentive and authority to show your intention to return to your country of residence – property or other significant assets in your home country.
  • After lodging your application, attach the payment receipt to the application form.

Ensure that you do not provide original documents unless it is requested. Always make sure to send certified copies of all original documentation. All documents that are not in English should be accompanied by accredited English translations.

Where to Apply?

All Nigerian citizens applying for an Australian visa are strongly advised to do their visa application online. Simply create an online account known as ImmiAccount. This allows applicants to manage their visa application online.

For Nigerian citizens who are unable to lodge an online application, the alternative is applying in person at a TLScontact Australian Visa Application Centre in Abuja or Lagos.

australian visa

What does the Visa Process Involve?


  • Create an ImmiAccount, all online forms must be filled correctly
  • Update your passport details
  • Scan all required certified documents
  • Attach the scanned copies to your online application when prompted
  • Submit all the documents along with your online Australian visa application.
  • You will then have to conduct your biometric information at a visa application centre: TLScontact in Abuja or Lagos.

Your Australian visa application payment can be made by card, Paypal or BPAY. A surcharge may apply if you’re going to make an online payment or by card.

All additional documentation should be uploaded into ImmiAccount. You’ll be issued a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) after you’ve made your online application. The TRN is required to communicate with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


  • Proceed to download Form 1419. This important form must be signed and dated.
  • To go ahead with your Australia visa application, you will need to book an appointment at the Australia Visa Application Centre – TLScontact. Bookings can be made on the website.
  • Once at the Visa Application Centre, submit your application form (Form 1419), certified documents and biometrics information.
  • Pay the necessary fees at the Visa Application Centre’s cash centre. Only cash will be accepted.
  • Finally, register your biometric data and fingerprints.

Please note, all Nigerian citizens visa applications are processed at the Australian High Commission in Pretoria. To check up on your visa application, you can contact the Australia High Commission in Pretoria via email:

Health Requirements

Nigerian visa applicants are required to meet certain health standards. You will have to undergo a health examination which will be assessed and will determine the outcome of your visa application. Find out more about the health examination on the DIBP’s website.

  • Polio vaccination certificate
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate

Australian Visa Application Centres


Address:Australian Visa Application Centre3rd Floor, El Yakub Mukhtar PlaceZakariya Maimalari Street



Visa Application Centre Hours:8:30am to 3:00pm, Monday to Friday (Except for Public Holidays in Nigeria)
Call Centre Hours:7:30am to 3:00pm, Monday to Friday (Except for Public Holidays in Nigeria)

There is parking available at the entrance of the TLScontact Visa Application Centre. Taxis are also available to transport you to the Visa Application Centre in Abuja.


Address:Australian Visa Application CentreEtiebets Place21 Mobalaji Bank Anthony Way



Visa Application Centre Hours:8:30am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday (Except for Public Holidays in Nigeria)
Call Centre Hours:7:30am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday

You can find parking in the complex where the Visa Application Centre is situated. Buses, taxis and motorbike taxis are the means of public transport available in Lagos to transport you to the Visa Application Centre.

How to book an appointment

Bookings are made on the TLScontact Visa Application Centre’s website. It is possible to book an appointment for the following day. However, keep into consideration that the appointment availability might change during high season.

Where to Print Documents and Photos

In Abuja

B.B.F Printing Documents

Address:D50, Block D, Efab Mall, Shopping Complex, Area II, Garki, Garki, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory
Contact Number:+234 706 517 9545

Instant Pictures

Address:GF 05. City Centre Shopping Complex, Beside Mazfalah Place, Karu Site, Karu, Abuja, FCT, Karu, New Karu
Contact Number:+234 803 396 2391

In Lagos

Oladek Print

Address:Off Medical Road4 Aro – Omo Oba StreetIkeja
Contact Number:

Daniel Passport Photo

Address:78 Ikootun Egbe RoadEjigboLagos
Contact Number:

Now that you’ve got the vital information on how to apply for your Australian visa, all you’ll need to do now is book your tickets and get ready to venture to this beautiful destination. Sign up for our newsletter to be first to know of any flight specials to Australia in the near future.

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